Hvita 3D Perfusion Culture System Automate – Optimize - Standardize

The Hvita 3D perfusion culture system integrates programmable perfusion technology into a fully enclosed culture environment to promote high-quality and high-yield organoid culture over extended culture duration in fully automated fashion. The flexible design facilitates the optimization and standardization of organoid culture conditions for the broad adoption of organoids in life science and drug development.

  • Six perfusion pumps, individually controlled, provide ultimate flexibility in organoid culture automation and optimization.
  • A tailor-made organoid perfusion culture unit, Organoid Factory, enables extend perfusion culture for the high-quality and high-yield production of organoids, while eliminating manual medium change and reducing contamination risk of large-scale organoid culture.
  • Closed-loop regulation of temperature and CO2 ensures stable cell culture environment.
  • Culture parameters are automatically recorded to facilitate process optimization.
  • The transparent heating materials allows real-time monitoring.
  • Open-chamber design is compatible with a broad range of organoid culture devices, including various organ-on-a-chip devices.

Achieving high-quality and high-yield production of organoids

The integrated perfusion provides efficient medium exchange without disturbing Matrigel, resulting in more homogenous organoid growth with higher viability rate than traditional plate culture.

  • Viability rate was observed to be 1.3-15 folds higher for a variety of organoids.
  • The Hvita system also supports high seeding density up to 600 per 100μL

Simplifying operation for process standardization

The Hvita system eliminates manual media exchange through embedded perfusion system, dramatically reducing operator manual tasks. This facilitates process standardization to ensure consistent quality at industry scale.