Countstar Castor High-Throughput Cell Analyzer Ultrafast – Smart - Versatile

The Countstar Castor high-throughput analyzer integrates innovative optical technology and artificial intelligence (AI) imaging processing algorithms to deliver accurate results at ultrafast speed for a wide range of high- throughput cell or organoid assays.

  • Laser ranging auto focusing ensures clear and high-resolution images on 2D cell cultures using any common multi-well plate.
  • Rapid Z-stack imaging and projection enables ultrafast 3D image acquisition for organoid samples.
  • AI-powered imaging processing algorithms provide accurate cell or organoid identification and
    characterization, even for challenging samples with mixed cell populations.
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Countstar Castor

The Most Versatile High-Throughput Cell Analyzer

  • 16MP CMOS camera with 4x, 10x magnification
  • Three fluorescence channels + bright field
  • Ultrafast Z-stack imaging and projection at 4min per 96-well plate
  • Broad range of applications
  • 2D cell culture: Monoclonality, B-cell clone selection, transfection
    efficiency, virus plaques, confluency, ...
  • Organoid culture: growth monitoring, viability, drug response, co-
    culture cytotoxicity, ...
  • Compatible with all common 6-384 well plates
  • GMP compliant

Clear, high-resolution image ensures confident identification of single cells

  • Innovative optical path design eliminates dark edge of well images
  • Laser-ranging auto-focusing ensures clear image of every well, regardless of batches or manufacturers.

Ultrafast Z-stack imaging meet the demands of high-throughput organoid assays.

  • It only takes 4 minutes to complete image acquisition for a 96-well plate.
  • Clear, high-definition images facilitates accurate organoid identification and characterization.

Fast, accurate cell or organoid identification and characterization overcomes data processing bottleneck.

  • AI-powered image processing algorithms ensure accurate identification of target cells or organoids even from complex background.
  • New algorithms can be quickly developed for new types of samples.

Comprehensive and expandable workflows simplifies a broad
range of high-throughput applications

  • Cell line development
  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Drug discovery and development:
  • Vaccine development
  • Personalized medicine
  • Cultured meat
  • ......